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Porcelain Crowns in North Palm Beach, FL

The SmileYou've Been Missing

Are you tired of hiding broken or damaged teeth? Porcelain crowns can be used to enhance or replace your broken, stained, or missing teeth to give you that flawless, cosmetic smile you have always dreamed of.

What is aDental Crown?

A crown is placed over a broken or damaged tooth, to restore the tooth to its natural shape and contour. In the past, crowns were often made of unnatural looking materials such as gold. Porcelain crowns combine the strength of metal crowns with the aesthetics of natural looking teeth.

Our North Palm Beach porcelain crowns are typically made in two visits. At the first visit, your dentist will carefully remove any decay or old filling material from your tooth and precisely shape the tooth to the correct contours. A digital scan of your tooth will be taken and will be electronically sent to a dental lab. The lab will fabricate the crown so that it fits precisely over your existing natural tooth. At the second visit, your dentist will permanently cement the crown over your existing tooth.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

After the first visit, there may be some mild discomfort for several days, however, this typically resolves and your tooth should go back to feeling normal. A temporary crown is then placed at the first visit. Patients should be mindful not to eat anything very hard or sticky while the temporary crown is placed. Once the permanent porcelain crown is cemented, normal eating can resume.

Porcelain Crowns at Orange Dental Partners

With our recent inclusion of porcelain crowns North Palm Beach's Orange Dental Partners now offers an even wider array of dental treatments. Our goal is to provide top-quality dental care in a comfortable, anxiety-easing environment to ensure our patients feel cared for as well as excited about seeing and feeling their final results and a new smile.

What can Porcelain Crowns do for me?

Porcelain crowns can significantly enhance your oral health and appearance and provide a boost of confidence along with your new smile. Our North Palm Beach porcelain crown patients enjoy:

  • Enhanced aesthetics, a bright smile, and elevated confidence
  • Restored functionality so you can eat, speak, and drink comfortably again
  • Protection for weak teeth
  • Results that look and feel natural
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Am I a Candidate for a Porcelain Crown?

If you have damaged, stained, crooked or broken teeth, you are a candidate for porcelain crowns.

Consultation and Preparation

Your tooth repair journey starts with a consultation and comprehensive dental exam to determine the best course of action for your particular needs. Along with an exam, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and relevant medical and dental history in order to create a personalized plan for treatment. We will also provide information on how to prepare for your first appointment and what to expect throughout the process.

Why Orange Dental Partners?

The team of North Palm Beach dentists at Orange Dental Partners is dedicated to providing each patient with the highest quality care and ensuring that both aesthetic and functional outcomes are outstanding. With decades of combined experience and training, we can offer the skill and artistry needed to give you your smile back.

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Porcelain Crown Frequently Asked Questions

The crown preparation is painless. There may be some mild discomfort during the short recovery, but this will typically resolve within several days.

Porcelain crowns are considered very safe and predictable but, in some rare cases, can cause tooth sensitivity.

Yes, porcelain crowns are meant to be permanent and can last decades with proper dental hygiene and care.

Most patients and dentists consider porcelain crowns to be the closest thing to the look and feel of real teeth.

The cost of porcelain crowns can vary depending on the number of crowns needed and the overall complexity of treatment. Once your dentist has completed a thorough exam and a treatment plan has been formulated, all fees will be disclosed prior to any treatment being started.

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