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Root Canal Therapy in North Palm Beach, FL

Root Canal Therapy at Orange Dental Partners

For patients dealing with tooth pain from an inflamed or infected root of a tooth, root canal therapy can relieve pain while preserving your tooth. At Orange Dental Partners, Dr. Posner is our expert North Palm Beach root canal therapy specialist. Eliminate pain and save your tooth with expert endodontic care.

What isRoot Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy eliminates inflammation and bacteria from an infected root canal, removes the infected pulp, disinfects the tooth, and seals it to prevent future infection. This treatment can save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Left untreated, such concerns can lead to chronic infection, increased pain, swelling, and damage to other teeth and bone.

Do I need a Root Canal?

If you are experiencing tooth pain and have noticed changes such as sensitivity to hot or cold or severe pain while chewing, it may indicate the need for a root canal.

Because every case is different, it’s important to determine if you need root canal treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Posner will thoroughly examine your tooth to be sure your case meets our standards for success. After that, we will perform a root canal procedure and fix any damage caused by cavities or infections.

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What are the Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is an effective way to protect your dental health, eliminate pain and preserve your natural tooth. By saving the tooth through a root canal, you retain the function of having your natural tooth; this means efficient chewing and preserving sensation to ensure a normal biting force. You also keep the natural appearance of your original tooth versus a prosthetic and protect your other teeth from excessive wear.

The Root Canal Procedure

Despite the stigma regarding root canals, there is no need for concern if you find yourself in need of treatment. Endodontic advancements and techniques have put to rest the old stereotypes of painful root canal procedures. Our trained North Palm Beach endodontist, Dr. Posner is an experienced expert in root canals. When you are a patient at Orange Dental Partners, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re getting the latest endodontic advancements and enhanced technology.

Additional Reading

Root canal treatment can usually be completed in one visit. The typical procedure starts with an examination of all surrounding teeth and tissue through clinical assessment and digital x-rays. Next, an anesthetic is administered. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, a small protective barrier known as a “dental dam” is positioned to isolate the tooth during the procedure.

An opening in the crown of the tooth is made, and the pulp chamber and the root canals are cleaned, shaped, and prepared for root canal filling. The root canals are then filled and sealed. Where needed, a temporary filling is used to seal the opening. Once a root canal treatment is complete, the final step is permanent tooth restoration. Ask your dentist or endodontist for further information regarding the best restoration approach for your tooth.

Root Canal Results & Recovery

Following your root canal, you can return to your regular daily routines without severe discomfort. Our office will provide complete post-procedure instructions to ensure you heal safely and quickly.

If you’re suffering from an inflamed or Infected tooth, you are likely suffering from pain while chewing, lingering sensitivity to heat and cold, and swelling or tenderness in your gums. Following your root canal recovery, you’ll enjoy significant relief and pain alleviation. Eliminating tooth pain, preserving your tooth, and preventing further damage make root canal therapy well worth the investment.

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Our office has advanced technology to maximize your dental health. If you're in need of root canal therapy North Palm Beach endodontist, Dr. Posner, is a well-trained endodontic specialist who will listen to your concerns and help you feel comfortable through your consultation. If you’ve been putting off dental treatment because of apprehension or fear, now is the time to stop the pain. Call us today!

Root Canal Frequently Asked Questions

An endodontist is a dentist that has years of advanced training in treatments within and around the root of the tooth. Endodontists focus their knowledge and training specifically on eliminating tooth pain and saving teeth through root canal treatments, as well as other procedures that deal with the inside of the tooth (hence the name “endo”-dontist, which is Latin for “interior” or “internal”).

When you choose an endodontist for your root canal treatment, you are getting a professional who has gone above and beyond the typical training to deliver exceptional care to patients seeking correction for tooth pain and infection. Endodontists complete over a thousand root canals a year versus other dentists who do far less and have less training in this area, making an endodontist the best choice for your root canal therapy.

During your procedure, you will be under the effects of local anesthesia and sedation to ensure your most comfortable treatment. You may experience some mild soreness or discomfort following your procedure, but this should be easily manageable with over-the-counter medications.

A root canal typically uses local anesthesia and sometimes nitrous oxide to eliminate pain and anxiety, so you will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. If you require sedation dentistry, you will need someone to drive you home, as you will be groggy following the procedure.

Orange Dental Partners works with many dental insurance companies and will work with you to create a flexible payment plan if needed. In most cases, even with insurance, a root canal will require some out-of-pocket costs. We will review your insurance and prepare a detailed estimate during your consultation so you know the estimated procedure cost before work begins. In most cases, the cost of avoiding a root canal will ultimately be far greater than the cost of having one.

Although some antibiotics can help to reduce pain and infection, they are not a cure. Once infection has reached the root of the tooth, it will need to be removed with endodontic therapy.

Yes! Most patients can resume normal activities immediately following their procedures.

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