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Advanced Endodontic Technology in North Palm Beach

Advanced Endodontic Technology For Enhanced Precision Orange Dental Partners | North Palm Beach, FL

At Orange Dental Partners, we employ the latest in endodontic technology to provide you with the most precise treatment and best overall experience possible.

We offer our patients in North Palm Beach advanced endodontic technology and treatment tools to allow for faster, safer, easier treatment and superior results. With state-of-the-art tools and the proficiency of our skilled endodontic specialists, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality dental care.

3D Imaging

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an advanced X-ray imaging technology that provides an optimally detailed 3D rendering of the teeth, head, and neck. It is used to assist with diagnosing such conditions as cavities, tooth infections, cracked teeth, as well as for dental implant planning. Assessment with CBCT is quick and non-invasive, allowing your dental specialist to achieve the best insight into your concerns in a way that is comfortable for you.

Endodontic Microscopesin North Palm Beach

The use of a microscope for endodontic procedures gives your provider the ability to treat you with enhanced precision by magnifying the area by as much as 25 times.

Endodontic treatments performed with microscopes have been shown to produce better results than those done without magnification or vision enhancement. Microscopes are specifically beneficial for locating hidden and accessory canals, preserving more of the tooth’s structure, improving ergonomics for the treatment provider, increasing a successful healing outcome.

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Digital X-ray Imaging | Low-Radiation X-rays

Digital X-ray imaging provides better detail than normal X-rays, allowing for more accurate assessment and treatment. In addition, digital X-ray imaging drastically decreases radiation exposure. Since digital X-rays do not require film processing or other measures related to the chemicals used with normal X-rays, your images will be immediately available.

Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments

Nickel-titanium rotary instruments provide the highest quality cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. In contrast to earlier stainless steel instruments, those made with nickel-titanium present a lower risk of apical transportation (an unwanted deviation from the natural path of the canal) and allows for a simplified cleaning process with a reduced number of tools needed to remove bacteria or inflamed tissue.

Electronic Apex Locators

Electronic apex locators help to determine the apical limit (or narrowest section) of the root canal system and can reduce the number of radiographs needed to assess conditions when preparing for root canal therapy.

Endodontic Ultrasonics

Endodontic ultrasonic devices create acoustic streams that allow irrigation solutions to reach small irregularities and complex channels within a root canal system, allowing for enhanced clearing of obstructions.

What services does an endodontist provide?

At Orange Dental Partners, we provide a variety of advanced endodontic treatments to support the integrity of your smile. Our services include root canal therapy, root canal retreatment, endodontic surgery, emergency dental treatment, and sedation dentistry. All treatments are highly personalized, based on detailed diagnostics with state-of-the-art imaging systems and a thorough examination by a skilled and experienced endodontist.

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With our advanced endodontic technology North Palm Beach endodontists at Orange Dental Partners provide you with the most precise, effective, and enjoyable treatment experience possible. For precision-based treatment and optimal results, contact Orange Dental Partners to schedule your consultation today.

Advanced Endodontic Technology Frequently Asked Questions

An endodontist is a highly trained dental professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating tooth pain and root canal treatment.

You may feel pressure during your procedure, but a local anesthetic prevents you from feeling pain. The tissues around the treated tooth will likely be sore for a short time after your visit. At the same time, you should immediately begin to experience relief from any pain caused by the infection.

Some infections of the tooth do not cause pain but still need to be treated in order to save the tooth.

Once a tooth’s root is infected, antibiotics cannot reverse the damage done to the tissues, and a root canal will be necessary.

In many cases, your dental insurance will cover your endodontic treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss your coverage and payment options. We also offer flexible payment plans that help you to move forward with the treatment you need.

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